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Furniture Layout & Upholstery Selection

Antique Cabinet

Many of our clients want help determining the best floor plan and layout for their room, especially if the room is an odd shape or challenge. Some want just a few new pieces to work in with their existing furniture. We will measure the space, come up with ideas as to a few different options, and then actually go to the furniture store with you to aid in your decision making, if you so choose. Having us with you at the furniture store allows us to help choose the upholstery fabrics on your new purchases also, insuring that everything will coordinate in your new design.

A service that we also have is Computer Aided Design (CAD). It is helpful to the client that is using some existing furniture along with a few new pieces, or as a guideline for all new furnishings. It is a ‘map’ as to what width, length, depth the new pieces need to be in order to work within the space. We also consider the rooms’ use as to how many people will be utilizing it, traffic patterns, view to television, etc, as we design your model.

Furniture Layout Mockup