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About Us

Interiors Designed Philosophy

Design should be timeless. In other words, we are not one for fads. Good design should last for years. Changing a few accessories and colors is fine (and fun!) … but the main design and feeling of the room should be able to stay fresh until the homeowner decides to change it.

It is extremely important that the home’s design reflect the homeowner … not the designer. We work together with our client. Nothing is done without their approval. Our job is complete when we have correctly interpreted our clients’ vision and turned that vision into a beautiful reality they will enjoy for many years to come. Everyone deserves to love their home.

Living Room Design


Meet Kristie Henkel

Kristie Henkel

Born and raised in Northern California, my family and I relocated to Wisconsin in 1992, and now currently reside in Tennessee. My career path, although taking a few turns, was always to become an Interior Designer. I began my studies in California and continued and completed my degree in Wisconsin. While the owner of Elegant Essentials¬Ě in Wisconsin for over six years, I freelanced for boutiques and stores in the Lake Geneva area in addition to designing private homes. I began my current company, Interiors Designed, LLC a few years later and have now relocated it, and myself, to beautiful Tennessee.

Interiors Designed was created with the hopes of reaching the average homeowner like myself. I believe there is a real need to make homeowners aware that beautiful design is for all budgets. You don’t have to spend a lot to have a beautiful space to enjoy each and every day.