Can You Afford an Interior Designer?

I had an experience yesterday that I thought I would blog about today. I had a consult with a new client for paint choices for the interior and exterior of her home. She had a thousand (okay, well, it seemed like a thousand), paint sample cards all over her kitchen counter. I ignored all of them and got out my trusty 11×14 paint boards; I don’t have a thousand boards, but I have hundreds! My boards feature real paint. Not a computer generated picture of paint like the stores give you. In a matter of two hours we had the paint scheme down for her entire home, inside and out.

The only place I was not able to use my boards was on the trim for the outside of her home. She had just bought a new garage door that was a beige color. There it was, smack in the front of the small house and there was no ignoring it. I had no choice but to use that exact color for the trim as we already had enough other colors going on. So, I had to bring out the dreaded paint fans. I found a color that matched her garage door and we added it to our portfolio of colors.

I digressed from the topic 😮 …. anyway, the point of my story, was that after the two hour consult, my client said to me, “You know, you just saved me hundreds of dollars in paint. Not to mention the price of the painter. I would have definitely gotten these colors wrong and I would have either had to live with it or I would have had to spend even more money re-painting.” What really hit-me-over-the-head was when she said, “You cost me the price of only two gallons of paint.” Wow! Really? I’ve never been compared to the cost of paint before, but you know?, she was right!

So, I ask you, is the correct question, “Can you afford to have an Interior Designer?” or is it, “Can you afford Not to?”

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