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Flooring & Lighting Selection

There are so many choices in flooring these days. The family’s needs including location of home, children, pets, etc must be considered before making a new flooring purchase. We also must consider any existing flooring that will butt-up to the new flooring. Finding the best choice based on our clients needs and budget is our goal along with making sure it’s absolutely beautiful, of course!


The lighting is a room is far more important than people realize. Lighting, like color, can set the mood of the room as well as the person sitting in it. There are places in our home that we require basic and standard lighting, as in our kitchen ceilings, certain areas in bathrooms and work spaces. And then there is the kind of lighting we can have fun with! We love to add beautiful and unique lighting fixtures over kitchen islands, in spa bathrooms, in a woman’s walk-in-closet or in the master bedroom. And don’t forget the fantastic floor and table lamps that are out there! Light fixtures are such a wonderful way to express ourselves with little cost and ease of changing when the mood strikes!